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Become a Query Tuning Master with the Newest Release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

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In this video, renowned query tuning expert and Microsoft Data Platform MVP Aaron Bertrand looks at the brand new release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, the industry's most popular free query tuning tool.

Exploring SQL Server’s Plan Cache

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SQL Server’s plan cache is one of the largest regions of memory and is used to store SQL and T-SQL code for quick execution. It is largely self-maintaining and self-tuning. However, the kind of code you write and the way you invoke that code can have an enormous impact on how the plan cache is maintained, tuned, and optimized.

Transitive Property of Indexes

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In this video, Kevin Kline discusses the transitive property of indexes. He starts out by discussing how the transitive property works in algebra. Then he shares how the transitive property in algebra can be applied to Microsoft SQL Server.

End-To-End Troubleshooting on Microsoft SQL Server

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In this video, SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses how to go about troubleshooting and performance tuning your Microsoft SQL Server without any paid professional tools. He goes through his methodology for troubleshooting, which he has learned over the course of many years of trial and error.

Queries with IN(…) / OR

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In this Quick Tip, Aaron Bertrand and Kevin Kline discuss queries that use IN(…) vs. queries that use OR. They use a demo to show how the two types of queries are interchangeable and how they both optimize to the exact same plan.

Specifying the Schema

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Aaron Bertrand and Kevin Kline discuss some of the advantages for specifying the schema when creating, altering and referencing objects. They discuss how specifying a schema can affect performance and how important it is for security. They also use demos to illustrate the importance.

The Dreaded SP_ Prefix

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Aaron Bertrand explains what the SP_ prefix is and discusses the performance issues with using it when you call a stored procedure. He also mentions a blog post he wrote about the SP_ prefix, which can be found at SQLPerformance.com/sp_prefix.

Execution Plan Self-Destruct

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Kevin Kline discusses how SQL Server wants to reuse execution plans but there are issues that can cause execution plans to never be reused. He also shares some examples of how to fix these issues which will help improve SQL Server performance.

To MERGE or not to MERGE

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Aaron Bertrand discusses the issues of using the MERGE statement. He also gives a few ways to avoid using it.

The “Kitchen Sink” Procedure

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Aaron Bertrand discusses the issues of using the “Kitchen Sink” procedure, which is a stored procedure with massive dynamic search parameters. He shows examples of why the procedure is bad and ways to work around it.

A Better Way to Read Execution Plans Part 1

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Kevin goes over how to do basic query tuning. Then he dives into 3 real world query tuning examples that are taken from Answers.SQLPerformance.com. The examples are SSMS vs. Plan Explorer, Massive MERGE, and the Case of the Log Shipping Mystery.


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Aaron Bertrand goes over the differences between SP_EXECUTESQL and EXEC(...). He also provides a demo to show why he likes one more than the other.

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