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A Better Way to Read Execution Plans Part 1

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Kevin goes over how to do basic query tuning. Then he dives into 3 real world query tuning examples that are taken from Answers.SQLPerformance.com. The examples are SSMS vs. Plan Explorer, Massive MERGE, and the Case of the Log Shipping Mystery.

Ad-Hoc Sets

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Aaron Bertrand goes over how to generate Ad-Hoc Sets efficiently. He shows examples of how to generate them using recursive CTEs, system tables and number tables and shows which way has the best performance.

Add Target

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This video is part of the Getting Started Series found on the SQL Sentry client software start page. These videos are intended to give you a basic understanding of some of the features of the product. This video will ...

Columnstore Indexes Improvements in SQL Server 2016 with Niko Neugebauer

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In this session, Niko Neugebauer looks at the columnstore indexes and discusses how they've improved in SQL Server 2016. About the speaker: Niko Neugebauer works as a BI Consultant for OH22, which creates int...

Comma Delimited Parameters

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Aaron Bertrand discusses one of his favorite topics, comma-delimited parameters. He shows the different ways you can split strings and which ways are the best.

End-To-End Troubleshooting on Microsoft SQL Server

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In this video, SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses how to go about troubleshooting and performance tuning your Microsoft SQL Server without any paid professional tools. He goes through his methodology for troubleshooting, which he has learned over the course of many years of trial and error.

Execution Plan Self-Destruct

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Kevin Kline discusses how SQL Server wants to reuse execution plans but there are issues that can cause execution plans to never be reused. He also shares some examples of how to fix these issues which will help improve SQL Server performance.

Exploring SQL Server’s Plan Cache

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SQL Server’s plan cache is one of the largest regions of memory and is used to store SQL and T-SQL code for quick execution. It is largely self-maintaining and self-tuning. However, the kind of code you write and the way you invoke that code can have an enormous impact on how the plan cache is maintained, tuned, and optimized.

Fragmentation Manager Overview

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SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager introduces new automated index maintenance capabilities to Performance Advisor. In the video, Steve Wright discusses how Fragmentation Manager improves the manageability and vis...

Implicit Conversions

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Kevin Kline goes over implicit conversions in SQL Server. He discusses what an implicit conversion is, traps that people fall into with implicit conversions and gives a demo on avoiding implicit conversions. ...

Performance Advisor Dashboard

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SQL Sentry’s Performance Advisor dashboard not only gives you real time performance details on your server, but also easily provides long term trending as well as flexible point in time details for all of your S...

Plan Explorer Demo by Jonathan Kehayias (SQLskills)

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Plan Explorer takes plan analysis to an entirely new level by making it easy to snap to the most expensive operator inside of an execution plan, change the default display to show cumulative costs instead of per...

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