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After re-architecting our alerting and notification functionality for even more customization, Steve Wright discusses some of the new components of SQL Sentry Version 7. Because most environments only require a single monitoring service, regardless of how many clients are installed, you will hear about some of the options for scalability and site configuration. Steve will also take you through some of the differences you will notice right away in the navigator pane. While still supporting Native Management Studio registrations, we’ve added support for registered analysis services instances, as well as, support for Central Management Servers. In addition to group based alerting configuration, Steve also goes over some other improvements that we have made in alerting. The video concludes by going over some of the new features in Performance Advisor and Event Manager. Aside from various cosmetic improvements, there are two primary features on the Performance Advisor dashboard which include NUMA Support and Mirror Q Monitoring. One of the big new features of Performance Advisor Version 7 is our index fragmentation analysis information. This video just scratches the surface for what is available.

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