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SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager introduces new automated index maintenance capabilities to Performance Advisor. In the video, Steve Wright discusses how Fragmentation Manager improves the manageability and visibility of SQL Server index fragmentation across the enterprise. The first part of the video gives a quick overview for what you will see on the new indexes tab inside Performance Advisor. You will see a series of charts that measure fragmentation level, total space usage, and total buffer usage and space will appear that will provide historical trending for various space, usage, and fragmentation related metrics. Some of the other charts will show index level details and these will change whenever a new index is selected in the center area. The video also goes over the grid and tree view presentation of all the indexes on the server and how you can easily filter by database or table or sort by any column. After filtering or sorting you can jump right into the index properties, where you can review and make changes to the index definition to help reduce fragmentation if needed. Steve also talks about the different approaches on how to analyze and defragment your indexes with Fragmentation Manager. You’ll also see some traditional defrag settings like reorg and rebuild thresholds as well as some settings entirely unique to SQL Sentry.

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