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SQL Server’s plan cache is one of the largest regions of memory and is used to store SQL and T-SQL code for quick execution. It is largely self-maintaining and self-tuning. However, the kind of code you write and the way you invoke that code can have an enormous impact on how the plan cache is maintained, tuned, and optimized. If you don’t do things right, you could end up shooting yourself in the foot and making performance much worse. Attend this demo-loaded session to learn about 4 harmful anti-patterns that developers frequently use without knowing their drawbacks.

This session will answer questions like:
- What’s currently in the plan cache?
- How often is the code in my plan cache being reused?
- Where are the big opportunities to save space in the plan cache?
- What coding techniques are most likely to make my object recompile unnecessarily?

There are a short list of mistakes that, if you know of them in advance, will make your life much easier. Learn to avoid the four harmful anti-patterns which can slow down the plan cache and the key SQL troubleshooting techniques so that you can see what is in your SQL Server’s plan cache and how it is behaving.

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