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Tales from Building a SQL Server Data Warehouse in Azure

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On June 19th, Kevin Kline and Melissa Coates presented a webinar called "Tales from Building a SQL Server in Azure." In this session, they shared experiences and lessons learned from a recent migration of our business...

An Introduction to SQL Server and Containers

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In this session, we’ll explore the technical foundation of containers and the emerging uses of containers with SQL Server. While containers are old hat on Linux, and the only way to reproduce the behavior of multiple instances on a single machine, the offer a variety of benefits on Windows too. For example, they are extremely fast to create, invoke, and run - and they licensed differently. We'll also show how the WinDocks solution compares to Microsoft’s, and of course other technical benefits offered by containers.

Unwanted Recompiles

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In this video, Kevin Kline discusses why unwanted recompiles can hurt the performance of your SQL Server. He starts out by explaining why SQL Server keeps compiled code in the cache. Then he moves into the reasons why SQL Server will need to run a recompile on your code.

Indexing Insights in SQL Server

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Indexing is a stab in the dark sometimes. Usage patterns in applications may be different than we expect when making choices for indexing and what we as DBAs think are good indexing decisions may work against us...

Temporary Structures

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Kevin Kline discusses how the two types of temporary objects behave. He also shares some information on what they are good at and what they are not good at.

Convince Me! – Persuasion Techniques that Get Things Done

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In this webinar, SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline talks about the importance of being able to persuade people as an IT professional.

Exploring SQL Server’s Plan Cache

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SQL Server’s plan cache is one of the largest regions of memory and is used to store SQL and T-SQL code for quick execution. It is largely self-maintaining and self-tuning. However, the kind of code you write and the way you invoke that code can have an enormous impact on how the plan cache is maintained, tuned, and optimized.

Red Flag Radar: Assessing the Technical Quality of ISV Apps Running on SQL Server

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This video takes you through a variety of checks against a third-party application that runs against a SQL Server database, from medical practice management systems, warehouse inventory systems, to laboratory informat...

Execution Plan Self-Destruct

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Kevin Kline discusses how SQL Server wants to reuse execution plans but there are issues that can cause execution plans to never be reused. He also shares some examples of how to fix these issues which will help improve SQL Server performance.

Who Wants To Be A DBA? Quick Rules Of Thumb

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Were you the person standing closest to the server rack when they said "We need a DBA"? Believe it or not, some people get shoved into the job of database administrator (DBA) in much that way, without warning or preparation.

Top 10 DBA Mistakes: Horror Stories! – Panel Discussion – Part 3

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In Part 3 of Top 10 DBA Mistakes: Horror Stories! - Panel Discussion, the panel talks about how human error is something that is inevitable and tell more horror stories from their own experiences. They stress how it is always important to prepare for these types of mistakes so you can recover faster when they occur.

How Azure is enhancing the Microsoft data platform – Part 2

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SQL Server specialist Gavin Payne discusses how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform has become an integral part of what’s now a very broad and deep Microsoft data platform. He begins by identifying the platform’s diffe...

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