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How Azure is enhancing the Microsoft data platform – Part 1

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SQL Server specialist Gavin Payne discusses how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform has become an integral part of what’s now a very broad and deep Microsoft data platform. He begins by identifying the platform’s different cloud services and how they relate to traditional SQL Server services. Gavin then suggests how these cloud services can then be used with existing on-premises data platforms to create hybrid solutions – something that’s becoming popular with businesses of all sizes.

Indexing Insights in SQL Server

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Indexing is a stab in the dark sometimes. Usage patterns in applications may be different than we expect when making choices for indexing and what we as DBAs think are good indexing decisions may work against us...

SentryOne Announcement

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In this video, CEO, Greg Gonzalez and Director of Product Management, Jason Hall talk about our transition from SQL Sentry to SentryOne. They discuss why we are doing it and how we will continue to deliver amazing tec...

Become a Query Tuning Master with the Newest Release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

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In this video, renowned query tuning expert and Microsoft Data Platform MVP Aaron Bertrand looks at the brand new release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, the industry's most popular free query tuning tool.

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Top 10 Administrative Mistakes on SQL Server

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SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses the top 10 administrative mistakes that DBAs make on Microsoft SQL Server. He discusses how most of the mistakes are due to process and business issues instead of issues with technology.

Who is the World’s Fastest DBA?

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Have you ever wondered who is the World’s Fastest DBA? Well now you have a chance! Watch as the SQL Sentry Racing Team takes to the Charlotte Motor Speedway to find out who is truly the World’s Fastest DBA.

Power Suite Overview

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The SQL Sentry Power Suite provides a complete performance monitoring and optimization solution for Microsoft SQL Server by combining both Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Event Manager in the same console...

Performance Advisor Dashboard

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SQL Sentry’s Performance Advisor dashboard not only gives you real time performance details on your server, but also easily provides long term trending as well as flexible point in time details for all of your S...