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Tales from Building a SQL Server Data Warehouse in Azure

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On June 19th, Kevin Kline and Melissa Coates presented a webinar called "Tales from Building a SQL Server in Azure." In this session, they shared experiences and lessons learned from a recent migration of our business...

Red Flag Radar: Assessing the Technical Quality of ISV Apps Running on SQL Server

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This video takes you through a variety of checks against a third-party application that runs against a SQL Server database, from medical practice management systems, warehouse inventory systems, to laboratory informat...

Top 10 DBA Mistakes on SQL Server

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Microsoft Data Platform MVP Kevin Kline dives into the top 10 mistakes that, if avoided, will make your life much easier. These mistakes are the “low hanging fruit” of application design, development, and administrati...

How Azure is enhancing the Microsoft data platform – Part 2

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SQL Server specialist Gavin Payne discusses how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform has become an integral part of what’s now a very broad and deep Microsoft data platform. He begins by identifying the platform’s diffe...

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SQL Server Deadlocks

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SQL Sentry Performance Advisor provides a graphical display of all deadlock types, synchronized with an innovative grid-based display to provide the most complete picture of SQL Server deadlocks available.

Become a Query Tuning Master with the Newest Release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

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In this video, renowned query tuning expert and Microsoft Data Platform MVP Aaron Bertrand looks at the brand new release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, the industry's most popular free query tuning tool.

Performance Advisor Dashboard

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SQL Sentry’s Performance Advisor dashboard not only gives you real time performance details on your server, but also easily provides long term trending as well as flexible point in time details for all of your S...

Top 10 Administrative Mistakes on SQL Server

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SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses the top 10 administrative mistakes that DBAs make on Microsoft SQL Server. He discusses how most of the mistakes are due to process and business issues instead of issues with technology.