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Top 10 Administrative Mistakes on SQL Server

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SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses the top 10 administrative mistakes that DBAs make on Microsoft SQL Server. He discusses how most of the mistakes are due to process and business issues instead of issues with technology.

Execution Plan Self-Destruct

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Kevin Kline discusses how SQL Server wants to reuse execution plans but there are issues that can cause execution plans to never be reused. He also shares some examples of how to fix these issues which will help improve SQL Server performance.

To MERGE or not to MERGE

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Aaron Bertrand discusses the issues of using the MERGE statement. He also gives a few ways to avoid using it.

A Better Way to Read Execution Plans Part 3

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Kevin Kline goes over how to tune SQL queries involving statistics on temp tables, slow performance on an update to NULL values, a slow insert, and lots about parallelism. This is the 3rd episode of the “A Better Way to Read Execution Plans” webinar series.

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Power Suite Overview

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The SQL Sentry Power Suite provides a complete performance monitoring and optimization solution for Microsoft SQL Server by combining both Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Event Manager. Learn more: ...

Performance Advisor Dashboard

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SQL Sentry's Performance Advisor dashboard not only gives you real time performance details on your server, but easily provides long term trending as well as flexible point in time details for all of your SQL Se...

SQL Server Query Tuning Best Practices – Part 1

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SQL Server MVPs Aaron Bertrand and Kevin Kline begin their series on query tuning best practices. They go over some tips and tricks for writing queries. First, Kevin goes over query tuning methodology and what i...

Who is the World’s Fastest DBA?

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Have you ever wondered who is the World’s Fastest DBA? Well now you have a chance! Watch as the SQL Sentry Racing Team takes to the Charlotte Motor Speedway to find out who is truly the World’s Fastest DBA.